LindenShieldARTs is Heidelinde M. Stabentheiner

Art is, for me, a way to communicate the feeling of spirituality that being in nature invokes in me.

Currently based in France, I was born and grew up in Styria, known as the green heart of Austria. Nature, and in particular plant life, has always been a huge part of what moves me. As a little girl I would spend hours on end learning to identify all the beautiful wayside blossoms and marveling at Cicely Mary Barker’s whimsical flower fairies; as a teenager I would dream of getting lost in endless mountain forests instead of being stuck in a classroom. It was then that I first discovered the wonderful world of landscape painting.

Later, in my mid-twenties, I realized the technical studies I had been pursuing so far were so out of touch with my true passion, that a career change was inevitable. In 2018 I obtained my degree in Landscape Gardening, which not only restored my connection to the natural world, but also rekindled my creative spark. Finding a way to combine my love for nature with my passion for art was only a matter of time.

I am mostly self-taught and have over two decades of experience in a variety of mediums such as alcohol markers, pencils, and water colour but I have a particularly soft spot for digital painting and gouache. I am constantly looking to evolve and improve with any medium but mostly aim to enjoy the creative process.

When I am not wielding a brush, you can find me exploring dense forests, reading about medicinal plants, spending time with my birds, or sipping a good cup of black tea or a refreshing glass of artisanal beer.